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2 weeks ago
Within a week my neck felt 100 times better
Richard Tasker
2 months ago
Chiropractor's office. Very friendly and competant. My wife and several friends go there regularly.
Cornerstone Front Office
3 months ago
After a riding accident with no broken bones, just muscle damage. I spent months trying to regain strength, walk normally, and feel better. Nothing was working. After just 2 visits with Dr. Rainey I was well on my way to feeling better, walking and regaining strength. Within just a couple of weeks I had better range of motion and strength than I have had in 10 years. Highly reccomend Healing Frontiers if you are sick of feeling “off” or uncomfortable and ready to regain your movement back!
Amanda Lombardi-Foss
6 months ago
I completely recommend this place to anyone dealing with back pain. These gentlemen are careful, methodical & take time to explain what's going on & what they think should be a treatment plan. I had my 1st adjustment today, I'm looking forward to feeling better & moving easier. I was nervous going into this, due to a poor experience with another chiropractor. I'm happy to say these guys have my trust!
Corey Keller
6 months ago
Wow, what an AMAZING place! The staff is incredible! EVERY single member there makes you feel like a friend or family member. Today was my first trip in, it was recommended by my super picky Father lol. That alone says a lot, but since you don’t know him, I’ll share my experience.

I was a last minute new patient that was able to squeeze in there the same day I called. The staff is honestly are the most hospitable, professional, joyous group to be around, they really do make you feel at home.

But the most important fact here is that Dr. Ranney and his partner(so embarrassing by I forgot his name). Were punctual, welcoming, informative and actually care about what’s going on. I was referred to Urgent Care in Alton(always high recommend) for an x-ray and because the Dr. ordered that we found out I have some serious issues that have to be dealt with.

They truly care about you and your recovery! He sat with me and explained the x-rays and just everything about my condition and all my options.

If you’re going to spend money on a chiropractor, I INSIST you go there! And when you do, tell them MEAGAN CONSTANTINO, with Live Free Or Die Properties referred you so you can get a little hookup!

Good luck!
P.s this is Meagan Constantino typing, in using my Husbands account since it’s handy.
Debra Flagg
6 months ago
I have had great results at this practice. I have been to two other practices. I haven't received nearly the results I have had at healing frontiers. The office is inviting and the staff are top notch. I highly recommend Healing Frontiers.
Andrea Batstone
7 months ago
I have been going to Healing Frontiers for a couple of years. The staff is friendly and it helps with my asthma. Keeps me aligned and strong.
Kim Defranza
7 months ago
Sarah Heath
7 months ago
Susan Baker
8 months ago
They care and attention from Dr. Ranney and his entire staff is excellent. They not only ease your pain, they explain what is going on with your body and how to get the best results.
I highly recommend them.
Cat G
a year ago
Dr. Ranney is top notch! His office is amazing--always courteous and professional with a fantastic staff that always make you feel welcome. I was first introduced to Dr. Ranney after I had a shoulder issue where I failed treatment with the traditional route of visiting an orthopedic doc and physical therapy. I was feeling pretty discouraged, but it was Dr. Ranney who got me on the road to recovery and quicker than I expected. You will not go wrong visiting with Dr. Ranney!
Douglas Beckwith
a year ago
After years of periodically throwing out my back, I decided to give chiropractic a try. I have to say I was apprehensive at first but after my first visit with Dr. Ranney and his staff (Robyn, Tina & new addition Brooke) I was put at ease. …More
Stephen Arinello
a year ago
Dr. Ranney's been helping me stay pain-free for years.
Chris Calabro
a year ago
Excellent staff very accommodating given my flexible schedule. De. Ranney is top flight I have traveled 2 hours out of my way to make the visit.
I have tried many over the years but I have stuck with dr Ranney
Michelle Mills
a year ago
I always feel like a million bucks after the treatments and the staff has the best customer service I've seen in awhile. 💜 so accommodating and questions are always answered.
Bonnie Jenness
a year ago
Just moved back from NM, DR. Raney was recommended to me from Christine Collins. Amazing treatments and very caring about my Health Priceless!! The front desk so helpful and very friendly. Robin an awesome asset to this office, I feel …More
Molly Ingram
a year ago
Doctor Ranney is a great chiropractor. He helps keep me healthy and in line all year long! have been going to him for seven years and have no bad things to say
Wendy Ingram
a year ago
My whole family has been going for years. Has kept us in line and HEALTHY!!
Susan Stevens
a year ago
Great place. Have helped me so much with my back pain. Very nice staff! Highly recommend Dr. Ranney.
Patrick Runnals
a year ago
Very very good experience. Highly recommend it here!
Janet Williamson
a year ago
Awesome staff and treatment s - it's amazing what chiropractic care can fix!
Judy Gagne
a year ago
Healing Frontiers enabled me to move and live without pain for the first time in years!! The doctor and all the staff are very friendly and caring. My husband also was a client and since we moved we both lament the fact that we don't have them anymore! The first choice for sure!!
Sarah Quinby
a year ago
Professional, friendly and welcoming staff. Compassionate and effective chiropractic care.
pam Grady
a year ago
Always have been helped for my needs with this chiropractic care...pleasant office staff..I would and have recommended this office!
Joseph Harrington
a year ago
Very nice people. Appointment times are honored. Services provided have helped me significantly.
Olivia Alden
4 years ago
Overall amazing, I cant get over how friendly everyone is and how quick you get in, get out, and feel better! I will honestly keep going as long as I can! Healing Frontiers is a great office for so many reasons. Not only does the Dr. …More
Brenda Helfin
5 years ago