Water is the most precious life giving substance in our environment. Our bodies are made of about 40% water. Almost all land-based life forms are engaged in a daily struggle against dehydration. Many organisms, including humans, have evolved elaborate modifications of their physiology to defend against dehydration. Some of these modifications give symptoms that appear as “dis-ease.” In the words of Dr. Batmanghelidj,

Don't treat dehydration with drugs;


Moist skin, bowel regularity, return of the sense of thirst...are among the benefits of drinking plenty of pure water. Arthritic pain, susceptibility to respiratory infection, headache, abdominal pain, chapped lips, dry skin, heat intolerance, hypertension and many other conditions have been alleviated by nothing more complicated than drinking water.


Drink at least eight 8 oz cups of pure water each day.

PURE WATER - Chlorination is not OK. Residual chlorine and other byproducts are toxic and they taste bad.


#1: First thing upon waking in the AM. Some people prefer this glass to be warm.

#2: A few minutes before breakfast. *to avoid diluting digestive juices, don't drink water with meals

#3: Mid to late morning.

#4: A few minutes before lunch.

#5: About 3pm.

#6: About 5pm.

#7: A few minutes before dinner.

#8: About 2 hours after dinner.


Batmanghelidj F, MD. Your Body's Many Cries for Water. Global Health Solutions, Inc. Vienna, VA. 1997.